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About Us

Originally founded in 1985 as a traditional advertising agency, SD Advertising has evolved into a full-service marketing firm committed to integrated marketing communication as a philosophy practice. We are WBE certified and proud to be a women-owned and operated business serving the Business to Consumer and Business to Business sectors.

Strategy, experience and creativity is the driving force behind SD Advertising.

We are artists, digital strategists, business consultants, product managers, relationship builders, brand stewards and integrated marketing professionals. Most of all we are your partners in business growth, applying time, talent and total commitment to developing marketing initiatives that ignite and engage your audiences.

The very definition of marketing is evolving with technological advances and fragmentation of consumer media consumption. At SD Advertising, we rely on the knowledge of your market and your stakeholders’ needs to tell us which marketing vehicles make the most sense for your business – online or in between the lines. So your business is empowered, understood, and embraced. Whenever, Wherever, However.

SD Advertising